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Hatha Yoga: Hatha is a Sanskrit term that is pronounced "hut-hah". It means "force". Thus Hatha-Yoga is the Yoga of Force, this "force" being shakti, the power aspect of the divine self. Iyengar Yoga, which is the most widely recognized approach to Hatha Yoga, was created by B. K. S. Iyengar. This style is characterized by precision, performance and the aid of various props (such as cushions, benches, blocks, straps, wedges and even sand bags. Hence it is sometimes called "furniture Yoga.") Iyengar has trained thousands of teachers, many of whom are in the United States. His Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, founded in 1974 and named after his late wife, is located in Pune, India where he is assisted by his daughter Gita.

Tantric Yoga: Tantra = Tools for Expansion. Yoga = Union with the Divine. Tantric Yoga allows us yet another pathway to expand our connection with the divine (or spirit) within us. And through that deep rootedness we then expand our connection to the divine/spirit all around us. In Tantra we connect with the energy of the second chakra, the whirling disc of sexuality and creativity. When we expand this energy throughout the whole energy channel, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, we use this powerful energy more fully.


Mens Naked Yoga

Men looking to explore connection with other gay/bi/straight/questioning men through naked hatha yoga, vinyasana yoga, kripalau/core/astanga yoga, tantric breath/energy work and meditation.
NO erotic/genital touch involved...

Why naked? When we shed our outer garments we shed our judgments of our self and others. We also release our inhibitions that prevent us as MEN from connecting fully with ourselves and thus others. Our bodies become a vehicle for connection, NOT the focus of connection. We see ourselves as people not objects of sexual gratification. In these classes there is NO genital focus or contact, we are more than our cocks, we strive to become whole beings integrating body/mind/spirit. In Partner work we focus on connecting with eachother through energy and breath (chi, prana, life-force) NOT our sexual urges. This is a safe, open and honest environment to meet the challenge of deeper connection to self and other.

"Your clothes conceal much of your beauty and hide not the unbeautiful. Would that you could meet the sun and the wind with more of your skin and less of your raiment. For the earth delights to feel your bare feet, and the winds long to play with your hair..." Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


3 Most Common Qs

#1....  Do I need Yoga Experience?  Absolutely NOT! All classes are open to 'Yoga Virgins'. As teachers Joe, Steve and Charles love turning new students on to the joys and benefits of class! We choose to teacher smaller classes so we can pay attention to everyone, and offer guidance and alternatives where needed.

#2.... What if I don't have a 'gym body'? Naked Yoga is about full body acceptance, we want you to come as you are and shed your judgments of yourself. No one else is judging you, either. Each teacher will help you modify the poses to your level of physical comfort.

#3....  And the BIGGEST question of all! What if I get an erection?

Most guys are nervous the first time they come to Naked Yoga. They don't know what to expect. Perhaps they've never participated in naked group activities before. They wonder how sexual the atmosphere will be. They worry about getting hard. They fear they'll be judged.

Most guys get over their nervousness within a few minutes. Because we are not clothing optional but rather nudity mandatory, the anxiety of sitting around wondering whether to take your shorts off is eliminated. Because everyone is naked, you just strip off and, in most cases, surprise yourself at how quickly you will "get over it."

The teachers of Naked Yoga endeavor to create a friendly, non–judgmental atmosphere, and to offer as much personalized attention as possible. Being naked creates a feeling of camaraderie missing from many classes at gyms and other studios. And if you're worried about getting hard, you'll find that erections are very welcome at our events. Erections are not a problem at all. They are part of what makes us men— there is no need to be embarrassed or try to hide them. It's doubtful that any of the other participants will react at all. In Nude Yoga, you can be proud of your erection, enjoy having it and continue to follow along with whatever positions we're doing.

Most of us are taught to be ashamed of our erections in front of others. The only place we're supposed to have one is while we're having sex—and then there's PRESSURE to be hard.

Nude Yoga provides a unique atmosphere where erections are totally acceptable and welcome, and equally so without any pressure at all to have one.

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