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*YOGA*=Union with the Divine *TANTRA*=Tools for Expansion Tantric Yoga allows us yet another pathway to expand our connection with the divine (or spirit) within us. And through that deep rootedness we then expand our connection to the divine/spirit all around us. In Tantra we connect with the energy of the second chakra, the whirling disc of sexuality and creativity. When we expand this energy throughout the whole energy channel, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, we use this powerful energy more fully. HIS CLASS STRUCTURE: 90 MINUTES 15 MINUTES BREATHWORK (USUALLY PARTNER WORK) 15 MINUTE WARM UP/GENTLE STRETCHING 45 MINUTE ASANA (POSES/SOMETIMES PARTNERED) 15 MINUTES SHAVASANA/MEDITATION

For more info--- E-Mail: Joe@PDXNAKEDYOGA4MEN.COM

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Men’s Tantric/Iyengar Yoga

Spring Into Yoga!

Term Starts April 5 to June 28

12 Weeks (no class May 3)

$180 for 12 classes

Thursdays 6:30-8:00 pm

Same Space/Close-in EastBank

$20 drop in IF Space Available You must check with Joe before attending class

Address given upon Registration  

Email Joe for more information:

Please Bring:

Your Personal Yoga Mat and Bath Sized Towel (for Hygiene)

Closed Cover Water Bottle

Check or Exact Cash for class (Payment Plans Available)

Yoga Etiquette:

Class starts at 6:30 pm sharp please arrive around 6:15 pm to be ready to start on time.

Hygiene Counts, Please Arrive Fresh!

Do not attend if you have any contagious skin conditions...

We are working with sexual energy in Tantra but Sexual/Genital contact is not OK in class.

You will sign a release form at first class, but also let me now if any new injuries occur after this.

Come with a Curious Mind and an Open Heart!

To Register or For More Info Contact Joe:

Joe@PDXNAKEDYOGA4MEN.COM or 503-281-9772